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Climate and Environment-April 21  13:00 UTC  (9AM EST/US and 15h FR)


Join us to learn more about the launching of climat data buoys from the ship and how you can use their information, along with the daily weather reading from 

Print Resources


Here are links to PDFs and other printed materials that can help you frame your questions


Drifter Buoys:


Drifter Specs:


Audio Resources


Links to audio reports that enrich the experience...


The Hudson Is Full of Tiny Plastics. And You May Be Too. Tuesday, March 24, 2015

By Steven Valentino : Producer, The Leonard Lopate Show



Video Resources


Deepen your understanding with these videos that help explain what others are doing with this data....


Argo Weather Buoys:

Drifter Buoys:

Drifter Deploy:





Links to sites that support students and teachers


Ted Ed - The life cycle of plastic bottles:

NOAA VOS Website:


Data Buoy Cooperation Panel(DBCP):

4 drifter Buoys will be part of the Global Drifter Programme du DBCP :


The ARGO buoys fall under:

The buoys are coodinated by E-SURFMAR d'EUMETNET:

NOAA Scholarship programs:

Fun ways to teach kids about weather:

Fun and interesting kids weather site:



Our Partners....

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