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Meet the people who have volunteered to teach us...

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Captain Yann CARIOU

In 2010 , he joined the Marine experts college within the association Hermione- Lafayette. When it comes to appoint a commander for the frigate, his name is therefore required ex officio. His experience with the three-masted barque, Belem, as commander, made him an ideal candidate. After spending his childhood navigating the bay Audierne, he joined the Navy. He studied at the School of Foams then, years later, the Naval Academy . Newfoundland Guadeloupe, its shipments are diverse and varied but it is the tall ships of interest. Before Belem, he navigates the Mutin then commands L'Etoile, with which he heads to Iceland, accompanied by the Belle Poule . Passionate of square riggers, crossing the Atlantic aboard L'Hermione looks like a perfect new challenge.

Second Captain Charlène GICQUEL

The deputy commander is responsible for safety on board and maintenance of the frigate. Charlène manages the crew, navigation and life on board. As a mate, she is also the attending officer associated to the midshipman watch.

Lieutenant Navigation Antoine FAURE

This lieutenant is in charge of laying waypoints, mastering modern navigation equipment and updating paper charts. Antoine is the attending officer associated to the starboard watch.

Rigger Jens LANGERT


Jens Langert is a passionate sailor who loves sailing and racing with anything from dinghys to square riggers. He started out in 1982 as a cadet on danish merchant marine School Ship Georg Stage. His life is a long story of adventures on sea and on land connected to shipbuilding and sailing. Jens was in charge of the building of Hermiones rig. Today he sails onboard her as bosun. 

Sailmaker Anne RENAULT

On Hermione , Anne watches over 23,680 sq ft of sail . She maintains and repairs them, while participating in reinforcement maneuvers. Anne has been present on the project for a long time as she has done in the sail loft of Rochefort, before the public, all finishes sails

NOAA Representative James LUCIANI

I am Jim Luciani, Port Meteorological Officer (PMO) NY/NJ. joined the US Navy at 24 as a Weather Observer, which I did for 7 years, before completing Weather Forecaster Training.  I spent 15 years forecasting in unique locations including Hawaii, aboard USS George Washington (CVN-73), Naples Italy, and a final tour as an Instructor at Forecasting school in Biloxi MS. I retired as an Aerographer's Mate Chief Petty Officer in 2003.  Soon after retiring I became a PMO for the ports of NY/NJ. I recruit large, commercial vessels to take weather observations while at sea. I provide the crew members training, software, and in some cases equipment to ensure the observations are of high quality. I monitor the data and provide near real-time feedback about their performance.

Marine Research Scientist Abby BARROWS

Aquatic researcher Abby Barrows has studied marine plastic pollution for four years, working with the Marine & Environmental Research Center, and independently from her lab in Stonington, Maine. She has worked with Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (ASC) for two years as the lead scientist on the microplastics reaserch project and has been receiving water samples from oceans worldwide for this research from ASC adventurers. Additionally, she captains a research vessel, collecting water samples from Penobscot Bay that she analyzes for microplastics, and uses a data sonde to collect water quality data and study trends in plastic distribution.  Locally she teaches students enrolled in a Marine Studies Pathway program helping to facilitate and design authentic, in the field projects. She is also part of a marine mammal stranding response team, which transports stranded animals to a rehabilitation center or collects them for necropsy.

Sailmaker Sven TULLBERG


I am 73 years old and have been in boats since I was born. My experience covers racing, cruising and passage making in vessels up to 110 feet, mostly in my own boats.

For the last 14 years I have been a sailmaker. Our loft does high quality sails for all kinds of boats. Our specialty is sails for classic boats, including schooners.

Technical Director Laurent DaROLD


Technical Director of Fountaine-Pajot shipyard from 1989 to 2004, Lawrence DA ROLD led all the design and monitoring of construction project activities. Head of Project and start creating models of all sailing and motor lines , responsible for the design and industrialization of these products Management of the design office (10 people) His technical experience is coupled with a strong expertise in the management of the production of recreational boats, in terms of production as in quality

Watch Quartermaster Emil BLADH


Emil was born in 1985 and has been sailing tall ships since new years of 2006-2007. His sailing started on the Swedish ship Götheborg as a volunteer in Singapore new years eve 06, where he embarked for a 2 month journey but ended up sailing for 6 months all the way back to Sweden. After this, he was employed to work with maintenance during the winter time and sailed as a watch-leader in the summers. 

Somewhere in the middle he needed a change and started his studies as a furniture builder. When his studies were finished in May 2012, the bosun on L'Hermione called him asking for help in France after the summer. That was perfect for Emil's schedule and was the beginning of his adventure on L’Hermione. 

This adventure on L'Hermione ended in the beginning of May for Emil so he could put all his focus on his own company and, hopefully, a successful carpentry business in Sweden. 


Executive Director Tall Ships America 

Currently Executive Director of Tall Ships America, Bert's seafaring career began in 1978 when he joined the brigantineRomance, under Capt. Arthur Kimberly. His intention was to stay three weeks. These weeks lasted almost three years, during which the ship circumnavigated the globe. While underway, Bert was named ship's sailmaker. 
More important, his two years before the mast set a course 
for becoming bos'n, rigger, mate and captain aboard many future sailing school vessels including Regina, Maris, Sea Cloud, Elizabeth II, Mayflower II, Lindo/Alexandria and finally the Spirit of Massachusetts. Between 1985 and 1993, Bert captained and directed programs aboard the Spirit of Massachusetts at the beginning of her school ship career.

Moderators Ben & Marc JENSEN

A father (Marc) and son (Ben) team will serve as your moderators during these webinars. Ben is a Senior at the University of VT majoring in Wildlife biology and minoring in Parks and Recreation. Marc was an educator for 15 years and still believes that learning  is enhanced when put into context...and what a great one is L'Hermione. Come join us and we promise to make this fun!!

Cameraman  Loïc BAILLARD

I'm a 29 years old journalist, usually specialized in cars but with a passion for all means of transports and a huge craving for adventure. My experience at sea was limited to a few weeks on a 30 foot sailboat in the mediterranean when I was offered the opportunity to come aboard L'Hermione as the ship's mediaman. I write, take pictures and film every day for the official blog and I'll be editing all the webinar videos. I hope you'll enjoy them and if you see a guy taking pictures in the rig 30 meters above the deck, say hi !

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